Movies – A Separation

“A Separation” is an Iranian movie ( clearly, they make more than bombs) about a couple in the throes of divorce. She wants out of Iran, for her eleven year old daughter, she claims. But to us, it seems like an escape, a cop-out of her fraught life. He, stoic, responsible, moral, has to stay and care for his senile father. But that’s not the half of it.
Thomas Hardy said, “character is fate”, and boy, does this play out here, in what unfolds into a deliciously well observed story about truth and it’s many variants – from truth that’s really a lie, to half-truths to truths untold to outright lies and dissimulations.
It’s also a marvelous look into the paternalistic, suffocating world of life for a woman in Iran. No wonder she wants to escape.
The poor kid is forced to choose between parents she loves – a responsible, but overweeningly proud and inflexible father, who lies to protect them and a mother whose honesty may mask her selfishness. Probably the best film of 2011


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