MOVIES – Getting Your Money’s Worth in 2012

Since most of the people who may read this column (both of them) only go to the movies from time to time, it struck me as a good idea to publish a few hopefully helpful hints of five “Movie Danger Signs”. Once you see these signs, run in the opposite direction. That way, you won’t have wasted your money and – worse – squandered your time.
And hey, I’m sure there are a lot more signs – do add.
Danger Sign #1: Anything that’s ‘based on a true story’
Danger Sign #2: Any comedy with Adam Sandler
Danger Sign #3: Any movie with either Nicholas Cage or Denise Richards
Danger Sign #4: ANy movie that the critics have described as, “a roller coaster ride”, “cool” or “heartwarming”
Danger Sign #5: The Hangover Part 3

One thought on “MOVIES – Getting Your Money’s Worth in 2012

  1. em says:

    As a newcomer to your blog and an infrequent movie goer, I find your advice very very helpful. Over the years I have found you to be a very good movie judge for most movies. I will add one more danger sign that I believe another one of your readers will agree with.

    Danger sign: Anything with Tom Cruise in it…..(there are definitely a few exceptions but this is a general rule – he is quite annoying to watch on screen and his personal life often muddies my interest in anything he does on screen)


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