MOVIE – Haywire

HaywireSteve Soderberg (whose last outing was the very credible and exciting (“Contagion”) must have incriminatin pictures of the galaxy of stars that he seduced into helping him make “Haywire”. This is so far, by far, the worst film of the – still young – year. See the line up of extraordinary talent in this train-wreck of a movie: Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Michael Fassbender, Bill Paxton and Channing Tatum. The story centers around Mallory Kane (real-life martial arts fighter – Gina Carano), who’s some sort of special op that’s part of a team to rescue a dissident Chinese journalist from bad guys. But other badder guys deceive her, forcing her to run, jump, leap, fight, shoot, fall, kick and punch her way to eventual triumph – which essentially means killing everyone. This is 93 minutes of loud, thuggish action that dresses a thin and meaningless plot. So, if that sort of thing’s your bag, boy has Mr Soderberg got a treat for you


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