MOVIES – The Golden Raspberries

The Golden Raspberry Foundation has just announced its nominees for the worst movies of the year –  those so stunningly bad that they’re almost destined to become classics of their time. The two top nominees are “The Human Centepede 2”, which apparently wins by being the grossest movie ever filmed; and “Jack and Jill” where Adam Sandler played a brother and sister. “Jack and Jill” garnered eleven nominations. Pretty much anything with Adam Sandler slips effortless into awards of this ilk.

Apparently, apart from instant cult status, movies this bad are shown to aspiring movie-makers as easy to see demos of what not to do.

I feel I’ve been missing out. In 2011 the two worst movies I saw were “The Tree of Life” – but this was a highbrow disaster who highbrow folks have deemed to be wonderful, and “In Time”, a movie with a nice idea (that people get paid in time instead of money) but which was so badly executed that I actually left before its no doubt stunning denoument.

I’ve managed to avoid all the obvious bombs, which these days tend to be romantic comedies (I’ll be steering clear of “Wanderlust” with Jennifer Aniston… out soon). But maybe I need to get out more. I need to immerse myself more in classics such as “Anaconda” with the then newcomer Jennifer Lopez.

Maybe “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” may scratch this itch. After all, did you know that honest Abe was a feared vampire slayer. The things you learn from the movies!


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