Movies – Looper

Though it’s not as whooshingly exciting as “Spiderman” and “The Bourne Legacy” or as darkly majestic as “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Looper” is by far the coolest movie of the year. It’s “Terminator” meets “Damien”. Set thirty years from now, loopers are people who are paid (huge amounts – the indifferent youthful hedge fund managers of the future) to kill and eradiate criminals who have been sent back into the past thirty years hence, where time travel has been banned.

Don’t ask.

Our protagonist – Joseph Gordon Levitt – is a looper who does his job with numbing efficiency. That he’s a drug addict (In thirty year’ time, they use eye drops. Optrex with benefits) suggests that he’s drowning out his good side to earn pots of conscience-free money. Did I mention hedge fund manager? Anyway, one day he’s called upon to eliminate… himself. Himself in the future is smarter than himself in the present (that’s what thirty years does for you) and himself future (John McClaine… ooops I mean Bruce Willis channeling his “Die Hard” character) manages to escape himself present. Which basically means that shit has hit the fan for himself present in the likes of Jeff Daniels and a team of Matrix looking bad guys with large guns.

Are you following this?

Seems that in the future, a bad man has decided to close down the looper program and is killing them all out by sending them to the present. Unfortunately in so doing he kills Bruce’s wife. Bruce therefore escapes from the future to the present to kill him before he has time to grow up and kill Bruce’s wife … and thereby changing history (see what I mean by “Terminator). This kid is (spoiler alert coming) Emily Blunt’s kid – a good/evil child beautifully played by Pierce Gagnon, who we’ll be hearing more from in the future. (But hopefully in less than thirty years time.)

Clearly Joseph has to stop this happening. And, you know, change the future before himself in the future can change it.

It doesn’t mater, just go with the flow. It’s a fun flow!

So you might wonder, how does Joseph Gordon Levitt convincingly pass for Bruce Willis? Prosthetics. Joseph really does look like a young Bruce. He just doesn’t have a lot of facial expression. But maybe that’s part of his acting.

“Loopers” also boasts a great tag line: “Hunted by the future; haunted by the past”. That’s almost as good as the tag line for “Back to the Future, Part 2”: “It’s about time”.

Anyway, if you need some cool escapist fare, with a couple of stunning moments when evil child, Cid, gets into full blown frenzy, go see “Looper”

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