BOOKS: Tapestry of Death

Tapestry of Death is my book. It’s now available on Amazon.

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If you want a truly gripping read (It’s a lot better written than anything Dan Brown did), suggest you download now

Tapestry of Death

While on a business trip to Shanghai, Peter Newton is shaken by a feeling of being briefly transported to another world where an unknown woman is holding his hand and urging him to come back. He is further shaken when the gift he purchases there for his girlfriend, Judy, which he thought was just a prettily carved box, turns out to be a daguerreotype – one of the very earliest forms of photography from the late nineteenth century. In the photograph are four persons, one of whom is him.

Who are the other people? Why is he in a photograph that seems to have been taken in the nineteenth century? And why would he just happen upon this in a junk shop, in an obscure street in Shanghai?

Peter returns to New York to comfort a distraught Judy, who has been on a hiking trip and has narrowly managed to escape being savaged by a sickle-wielding phantom. The three friends she went with were not so lucky. It is upon leaving her and returning to his own apartment that he discovers that he has slipped into another world – one where his apartment is lived in by another, and where things almost seem to be the same, but not quite so.

As his sensations of being transported to another world become more and more worryingly pronounced, Peter heads to Tepotzlan, a small village about an hour south of Mexico City, where he meets a neurologist who he feels may be able to help him. There, in the shadows on the magic mountains of the ancient Aztec god, Quetzcoatl, he gradually learns how to take control over his ‘slips’. He also – coincidentally? – runs into Fiona Thornton, one of the other people in the daguerreotype; the one who was holding his hand when he first experienced the feeling of being somewhere else.

And thus the story unfolds… can ya wait?

2 thoughts on “BOOKS: Tapestry of Death

  1. 15% of the way through – loving it.


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