Dodgy Numbers and Double Speak: In Cameron and Osbourne’s dystopian world, opaque is transparent and indecent is moral

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George Osbourne’s new “annual tax statement” to households, purporting to show how our taxes are spent, is such a willful distortion of facts it leaves you gasping for air.

We get very precise figures on how much we pay out (for example, those earning £30,000 a year will see they spend £892 on education and £822 on state pensions) but these figures are based on income tax (which the government has cut) and do not include levies like VAT (which the government has increased).

They will also see that the biggest slice of the pie (£1,663) apparently goes to “welfare”. This, the most egregious of all the distortions, is clearly designed to be divisive and to further vilify the social security net and those who are in need of it.

The reality is that when the “welfare” budget is broken down, it can be seen that only 3% of…

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