LOGAN LUCKY** Oceans Away from Good

THIS IS A cut-price, cynical, warmed up re-hash of “Oceans Eleven”, without the wit. In its stead is a miscellany of dull, uninteresting characters who entirely fail to convince that they could pull off a heist of such complexity.

The all froth without substance plot, revolves around Jimmy Logan, a good dad and decent man who’s been unfairly laid off by his construction firm (some vague, generally irrelevant back story about the Logan –lack of – luck). So, along with his one-armed brother (apart from a few corny gags, the one armed sthick – the Logan lack of luck?- is just part of that froth) they decide to rob the construction firm. Oops, that would have made too much sense. They decide to steal the takings at the premier NASCAR event of the year.

And to help them do this, they persuade explosive expert, Joe Bang (Daniel Craig as a bleached blond redneck, and the one point of exuberant fun in the movie) to help them. That Bang’s in jail is, for these completely inexperienced crooks, no biggie. They arrange enough of a diversion to sneak him out, execute the heist, and sneak him back in before anyone notices. Bang brings along his two imbecile brothers for the ride. Sounds like it shoulda, coulda been fun.

It isn’t.

“Oceans Eleven” worked because it felt clever; and the glitteringly watchable cast seemed to have the nous, not to mention the charm and the deep pockets to be able to pull off their heist. That movie also has a sparklingly funny script (by George Johnson and four others). “Logan Lucky” has none of these attractions. These numbskulls couldn’t pull off a 711 hold up, far less a sophisticated heist. Soderbergh is so careful to avoid insulting redneck America that he tip-toes around their Three Stooges idiocies as if afraid of being sued. As Jimmy Logan, Channing Tatum is bland and as the brother, Adam Driver is dour throughout. There are a few women in the support cast (Riley Keough of “American Honey” and Katie Homes). But they’re no match for Julia Roberts. Just more fluff. “Logan…” was written by one Rebecca Blunt, who no one has heard of (i.e either some sly inside joke from Soderbergh or someone who, rightly, sought to hide their name).

This is what he came out of retirement for? The money must be running dry.


LOGAN LUCKY. Dir: Steve Soderbergh. With Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough. Writer: Rebecca Blunt. Cinematographer: Steven Soderbergh



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